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LoFric bunch funThere are 4 different types of LoFric Catheter, each one has a special surface that goes slippery when water is added. This means it's easy and safe for you to use.

LoFric Catheter is a tube in its own packaging, you soak this in water yourself before you use it.

LoFric Primo is a catheter in a special packet, it has its own sachet of water that you squeeze to burst (this bit is fun!) and it gets the catheter all wet for you so you can use it after waiting 30 seconds.

LoFric Sense is a catheter made especially for girls. This catheter also has its own water pocket inside the nice little package that you squeeze to wet the catheter. And you don’t have to wait but can use the catheter instantly!

LoFric Hydro-Kit is a bit like LoFric Primo as it has its own sachet of water to burst, but this one comes with its own wee collection bag, so you can use it even when there’s no toilet nearby, brilliant!

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Instant wisdom

Instant wisdom

When your child begins school, ask the school if they can put an extra cabinet in one of the toilet stalls. This cabinet can be used to store catheters and other equipment.

Encourage your child during catheterisation training by downloading and printing one of these diplomas. They can be given to the child after finishing catheterisation on their own for the first time.

Catheterisation diploma for children